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“It’s easy to fall into a routine of not having a routine.” -Jessie

I have found that whether you have a desk job or not, it’s easy to fall into a routine of not having a routine. Fitness often falls to the bottom of the list. As hard as I try, it’s very hard to fit it in. It’s a struggle; mostly because I want my fitness to be a priority but there are so many other things that trump workout time. Plus, lets face it, working out equals getting sweaty. There are only so many opportunities throughout the day that allow one to be sweaty. It means shower, and redoing hair. And who has the time? Ugh. What a pain. All things considered, I still want to be healthy. I would love to have six pack abs and a tight tush but for now, I’ll go for ten thousand steps and some hot yoga when I can fit it in.

Speaking of ten thousand steps, lets talk Fitbit. Actually, scratch that. Lets talk any device that works for you that will count those precious little steps. Some use an Apple Watch, some people decide on a phone, and some count manually. Just kidding. That’s cray cray. Whatever method you use, it will certainly bring awareness. I have had many friends and family members who ended up shocked at how many steps they weren’t taking, as soon as they actually took count. Even some who thought they were active had a rude awakening. It’s scary. The fun part is how motivated you get if you wear your device everyday. You can even participate in fun challenges with other people or with yourself. My favorite feature though, is that you can make your own goals and set reminders to help you stay on track. With a busy work schedule, the hours seem to fly by. Every hour, I get a little buzz on my wrist reminding me that I have been sitting still for too long. It is SO convenient and easy. I have made a rule to get up and move, even if it’s just for a few hundred steps to appease my Fitbit.

At the end of the night when I’m reflecting on my day, I can feel happy that if nothing else, I got to my ten thousand steps in. Oh yes, I also remember that my bed was made. That’s a thing for me.


Some tips:

  • Take your breaks at work. Don’t compromise this. It’s your health and sanity. You need breaks. Walk. Especially if you sit otherwise.
  • Set reminders. I don’t think I could survive without them. The proof of this is, when my wrist starts buzzing, I’m totally oblivious of how long it’s been since my last movement.
  • Remember the big picture. Having a little bit of cardio can make a big impact on your health. Your heart, and your respiratory system both need the dust to get moved around every so often. Don’t be stagnant. Oxygen.
  • Work will be fine. Promise. A few minutes here and there will not kill you. If you have to get off schedule every so often, it’s fine. Just get your steps in a little later than usual.
  • Integrate and multi-task. If you have a dog, they will love you. Take a friend or family member. The steps will add up so fast. You won’t even know how you got so many!
  • Take your phone and listen to your favorite podcast for free or some super loud music. If you have Amazon Prime, you can listen to a ton of music, also free.

Sometimes juggling is rough. However, getting my steps in has been doable. I think it will be for you too if you give it a shot. Then, from there you can build if you like. We have to start somewhere. Have your walk, then your cake. Or cake then walk. Whatever order you choose, make sure you enjoy!



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