what’s the best that can happen?

“What is the BEST that could happen?” -Jessie

Worry is a burden that we all bear at one point or another. Sometimes it goes on for a minute or two, and sometimes much longer. We get distracted from the worry, and then the worry resurfaces. This annoyance can continue to hang around much like a black cloud, until one of a few things happens. One. We gain perspective or learn more detail, which steers our worry in another direction. Two. Comfort comes along. Maybe the thing that we feared becomes invalid. Three. We go all “mind over matter” and put it to rest. When worrying gets the better of me, I like to think, “What is the worst that could happen?” The worst thing usually isn’t all that bad. Lately, I have been practicing my positive thinking skills. Instead of preparing myself only for the worst, I have also allowed for the best. “What is the BEST that could happen?” I figure the best is just as likely if not more as long as I keep a fabulous attitude and work hard to make an impact.

We have twenty-four short hours in a day. I’m not sure about you but I have a ton of things that I need and want to fit in. Worrying, doubting, and pondering takes a lot of time. Being cautious is one thing but over analyzing becomes a spiral.

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Some tips.

  • When you are at work dealing with a problem and you are spinning your wheels, take a good step back. Look at the issue or dilemma from a different angle. Maybe bounce your thoughts off a co-worker. If we look at something for too long, it can not only be counter productive, but incredibly frustrating.
  • Talk it out. We are sensitive creatures. Some of us admit it more freely. A lot of time worry comes from crazy ideas about friends or family. Many times, a quick discussion can clear up an awful lot of worry or uncertainty. Whew.
  • For every bad, allow for at least one good. Negative thoughts are bad, no matter how you slice them. Sure if they come true, you can say you were semi-prepared, but that’s a very sad reason to stay in the shadows. Positive thinking will make you happier which I believe creates energy. The more energy put into good results, the better!
  • Hard one. If there is something totally out of your control, recognize when you are unable to make an impact. Let it go. Holding that unnecessary weight on your shoulders will just take years off. Hope for the best in times like these.
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Whenever you are feeling something weighing you down, get to the bottom of it. Quickly decide on a plan of attack, and handle it. The faster, the better. Swiftly move on down whichever road you decide to take, and enjoy the bliss of light airy relief.







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