fiasco dinner night gone right

You’re welcome. Do your thing. You got this. Have your cake and eat it too, everyday and in all that you do! – Jessie

To you parents who allow your kids to be in more than one extra-curricular activity during the school year, you’re fabulous and amazing. Also, you’re out of your mind. I mean my goodness. It’s a marathon. Homework, reading, chores, driving back and forth, hours of practice, shopping, ugh. With two kids, each of them is basically allowed one extra thing. That way dad can run off in one way with one kid while I run off in another direction with the other kid. Hats off to those of you who brave more.

Recently, there have been a few nights when we’ve ended up at the local super deliciously fattening taco shop for a quick dinner because the night before we ate cereal and salsa for dinner and STILL hadn’t made it to the grocery store. How does that even happen? This is fine every so often but that’s about it. For one, I don’t even want to know how many calories are happening. For two, it takes longer and you can’t multi-task when you are sitting waiting for dinner. For three, it can be costly depending on where you end up eating out at. For us, it was a steal but the first two concerns remained. Note to self, prep ahead for fiasco evenings.

One of my big objectives as a mom is to feed my princesses healthy and teach them the importance of balanced eating. Eating out definitely doesn’t support this. I mean, sure you can order healthy things but it’s unlikely that you will get the same organic meat and produce you might get at the grocery store, unless you pay a pretty penny. Plus, no one wants to order healthy when fried goodness is easily accessible. Now, I’m not 100% organic when I shop, but almost. Of course, it’s more expensive to shop organic so it’s understandable that most restaurants don’t go organic.

The issue with this whole idea is, again, how incredibly busy some days can get. When I was knee deep in a burrito the other night, I decided I needed to really strategize. I am always at the store so there is no reason why I can’t plan a few dinners that are big enough to last two nights. That way night two is an easy heat up. Tonight I made Thanksgiving in literally 5 minutes of prep. Ok, maybe not a full Thanksgiving but it was pretty close. My ten year old would not stop raving about it. Love her. Oh yes, it cost all of fifteenish dollars. And, we have enough to eat it tomorrow! Win!

so delicious-but I do have a seriously thing for dried cherries and yams

Trader Joes has these turkey breast situations that have bones and some skin. I took most of the skin off because I’m weird about bird skin. It’s wobbly and fattish. Ew.

Turkey breast-bone in

Two yams or sweet potatoes-chopped into large cubes

One or two white potatoes-chopped into large cubes

Few T of olive oil

Few T of honey

¼ c pecans or walnuts

¼ c dried cherries

2 T butter or coconut oil

pinch of s+p

Bottom of braiser (did I mention how much I love my braiser) throw in the yams/potatoes.

Place the turkey right on top, and then drizzle the oil, butter/oil,honey all over the whole deal.

Throw some pecans, cherries or any other fruit/nut variation on top. Sprinkle a little s+p and then put the lid on.

Here’s the best part. Put the oven on 310 (higher if you want it to go faster is fine). Throw the braiser with lid in and leave it. Let it go until you are done with the madness. Throw together a simple side salad, and holy smokes. Amazing, healthy dinner; quick and easy. Also, less expensive than bottom of the line take-out! Also, when the braiser cools down, just throw it in the fridge and heat the whole thing up the next day. Could this get any better? I don’t think so.

Circling back, can I just tell you how fantastic this dish was? The cherries took it to a whole new level. Tart and vibrant. The yams were perfectly caramelized. Turkey fell apart after adopting all of the flavors around. Wow.

You’re welcome. Do your thing. You got this. Have your cake and eat it too, everyday and in all that you do!



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  1. YUMMMM! I’m trying this! You are SO right about what you get for the money on the run compared to when you shop. Really enjoying your writing and your ideas.

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