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“Explore. Appreciate. Find Treasures. Taste. Experience. Fall in Love.” -Jessie

This week has been a hectic, and I do mean hectic, one. Between juggling schedules, big projects at work, and easing or stumbling rather into the new school and sports season, it’s been a week (see post on eating healthy on crazy hectic nights here). It flew by leaving little time for pondering the universe and exploring for my new favorite things. Fret not, I still found them. They say take time to smell the roses. Whatever that means to you, do it. Hustle hard but enjoy the beauty around you from time to time. Maybe that’s simply a good look at what you’ve created. Or perhaps you will do something leisurely or new.

My favorites.

Kimono. As a lover of many prints, I get very excited when I see florals. Recently in Nordstrom Rack, I halted at the sight of this fancy shirt? Dress? Hmm. It was a kimono by Angie! This thing is cute and it is diverse. I like to wear mine with jeans and a tank. Also, it will be perfect for beach days. It’s light and airy but also enough material to wrap up. Very artsy chic and could be dressed up or dressed down. Totally my favorite piece of clothing this week! p.s. if you are looking for the perfect espresso or coffee saucers, see my favorites from Sur La Table here.

love florals
morning espresso on the deck

Balm. Ok so I’m not a big lip balm type of person. The ones that I’ve run across have been too wet, or too sticky, or too cakey. I am big on adding a little matte color to my lips because I’m just not one of those lucky ladies with natural coloring. Thing is, when the air is dry and my lips chap, the matte lipstick does nothing for me. Since I’ve been on a major coconut oil kick, I decided to finally try a super duper lip balm. I created a few and finally found the perfect recipe. I made a light balm with a teeny hint of cocoa color. It smells of vanilla and chocolate, and I can stand to wear it on my lips. In fact, I love to wear it on my lips! Importantly, the ingredients are all wholesome. Most importantly, I got these adorable tins that make a very cute house for my balm. Here is where you can buy your very own! Oh, I also made activated charcoal toothpaste. I have brushed my teeth with it four times and can totally see a difference! Sold here.

unfiltered with hint of cocoa

A happy autumn feeling. Living in San Diego, we are lucky to have wonderful, mild weather. However, we don’t see much variety or feel the seasons change nearly as drastically as some of our neighbors to the far east. Seeing pictures of Pennsylvania, Vermont, New York and other states in that region makes me long for huge trees that shower fall leaves everywhere coloring the world every hue of burnt orange. Even though I should hold my horses until October, September sort of gets me excited that autumn is on it’s way. It happens to be my very favorite season. So for this favorite, more than a thing or a place, it was a feeling. I got out a few fall decorations for my little fireplace and lit a pumpkin pie candle and immediately I was in my happy place.

a plethora of pumpkins



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