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Having my first daughter at nineteen worked out well, but it was not exactly planned and didn’t leave me too much time to “figure things out” prior to becoming a mom. I was very mature for my age but let’s be real; I was still a baby myself. Whether you are 15 or 35, becoming a mother at any age is a huge life adjustment. It brings on a whole new world of perspectives, feelings and things you never thought you’d care about. Whether or not we feel fulfilled in our role as a mother, it is common to feel like a different person than we were pre-kids. Rightly so, because we are. The unfortunate thing is that many women view this change as the end of independence, sexiness, vibrancy, creativity, adventure, romance and many other things that we were before.


Being new to the online world, I have noticed one thing. Women want to be strong independent super figures. Online, they really come off this way. It’s a different thing carrying this confidence out into the real world. Some whom I’ve encountered online are mothers and some aren’t. Many who aren’t will be. I too share this desire to be spectacular at everything so that I am fulfilled. As a mother, it goes a little farther. I want to be over the top amazing in my career, my art, my writing, my ability to manage, but above all else, I want to be a fantastic mother.

While I’m sure I would have loved being a boy mom, I was blessed to have girls. I relate to them. My hope is that they will grow up to be confident, powerful, happy little super ladies. Leading by example is the only way I will be able to influence them. It’s nearly impossible to do this in an unhealthy or unhappy state. To sum it up, I need to be whole in order for me to project what it is to be whole. I need to project happy in order for them to understand what happy looks like.

Tips on being a happy mom; whether your tiny humans are newish or oldish.

Embrace the change that occurs when it’s no longer just you. It’s the sweetest and most natural change a woman could experience.

Nourish yourself so that you are healthy. You have to be healthy to be strong, and mothering takes a lot of work. My goodness, you have to have strength.

Put yourself in their little tiny shoes. Think of when you were that tiny, whether an infant or a rascally kid. What did you need? Now it’s your turn to provide for them as your parents hopefully did for you.

Know that your youth is not based on your age or your responsibilities. It’s your outlook. As long as you keep your spirits high and remain positive and fun, you will feel young. This allows you to connect even more with your little ones. No one likes cranky old mom anyway!

As you may not have as much time for your significant other after baby comes and grows, know that you are doing something so spectacular together by co-parenting and raising your child. The time spent will be sweeter. Make it count.

Importantly. Realize that you have a beautiful responsibility that comes along with being a parent. Although it can be a challenge, it’s an opportunity and such a gift. Remember how hugely your role impacts them, and play it well.



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