funday friday

“Just don’t go off the deep end and drink an entire container of chocolate syrup” -Jessie

We spend an awful lot of time worrying about what we should be doing. We critique ourselves, make adjustments and hopefully get the results that we are after. The thing is, worrying is SO super bad for us. Stress and worry creates unrest, the total opposite of happy. It’s normal and we all do it. We should have a trigger. A “throw your arms up and let it go” trigger, if you will. What I mean is this. When we spend too much energy on one thing and never give it a rest, it becomes such a grueling task. Not only are we depriving ourselves of balance, but also we are going to burn out. Take diet for example. I am all about discipline and sticking to a cause. If someone takes on a strict diet and can go all mind over matter to power through, that’s amazing. If we could bottle that stamina, we would be rich. However, if it’s agonizing and making you sad or grumpy all the time, allowing for a break here and there is the best thing you can do. Just don’t go off the deep end and drink an entire container of chocolate syrup.

Some tips on giving in, just a little.

If you are going to let the diet slip, do it cautiously and make it worth it. Don’t waste the extra calories on something mediocre. Make sure it’s your favorite dish! Also, eat slowly and don’t eat too much of it!

Budgeting is a great thing to do. If you decide to spend on something “out of the budget” think through whether you have gotten the best price, whether it’s worth the money you’ve been trying so hard to save, and if you love it enough to stray from the plan. Check in with yourself and if necessary, your spouse so you don’t have to feel guilty. Then, woo hoo, buy the shoes!

On kids. Oh this is a good one. Kids smell weakness. If you have a rule that you’re bending on, make the exception clear that it’s not you giving in. Let them know the reason you are allowing something you normally wouldn’t. That way they won’t try and make the exception the new rule!

The strict strict plan. Most of us have structure in one way or another. Maybe it’s a schedule or a commitment. We all know our priorities, but sometimes we take on a lot. Maybe we can handle it but burnout is a thing to avoid. So, perhaps a day off from the plan is ok? Leave it all at home and run off to the beach! Kick off those shoes and leave the responsibility behind. Bellini? Yes please.

House. Ok this is a tough one for me. I go cray cray when my house is a mess and it is ALWAYS getting messy. I could clean always and it would still be messy. It’s fine though because the trade off is cute kids, a nice husband and adorable dog. When I continuously clean, I tend to get cranky. Once in a while I have to leave it alone and worry about it the next day. I have to realize that the reason it gets messy is because we are living in it. Remember to live.

It’s Friday. Enjoy it! Happy is much more influential on your body than any other little thing like diet, worry, or determination. In fact, happy is the perfect fuel for all of the above.



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