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“You can afford five minutes for fabulous arms, every single day” -Jessie

Think about a goal you have. Visualize it. Now think about why you aren’t working towards it, if you aren’t. I’m willing to bet it’s because it’s hard or it takes too much time. It’s the story of our lives; most of us at least. The thing is, it’s true. We are so darn busy that we can’t take an hour or even a half an hour out of our day to contribute to meeting goals that mean so much to us. What about five minutes? And what can we even do in five minutes? Well, maybe more than we think.

When it comes to fitness, there are a thousand methods that require different amounts of time. Most people work out an average of 30-45 minutes a day. Add on more time for changing clothes, driving to your workout destination, and showering. It’s obvious why busy people say, “forget it, I’m too busy”. At this point, it can all go out the window for the day. So maybe you were going to work on arms that day before deciding that it wasn’t going to happen. What about doing five solid minutes of arm workouts on your way into the shower? You have to shower anyway, right? I know that if I tried to do five minutes of push ups, or five minutes of bicep curls or a combo of both, I would benefit. You can afford five minutes for fabulous arms, every single day.

Packing my lunch can be a hassle. I have to rinse and cut the veggies, put them in a Tupperware, and find the right toppings. Maybe I have to make a dressing. More often than not, I have the ingredients necessary but by 9 pm, I lack the drive to pack my kids’ lunches, let alone mine. However, the kids must eat. So, I pack their lunch. Then I have the choice. Do I want to spend 10 dollars on a salad that is non-organic, mediocre and inconvenient to grab during my lunch break or do I want to take the time to pack a healthy, organic, clean, affordable lunch for myself? Even though it will take an average of five minutes to pack, when energy levels are low, it is not enticing. Thinking of the impact helps me make the choice. Last night, I knew I had some kale that needed to be eaten, a great looking beet and some purple cabbage. I threw some quinoa and water in a pot and turned it on. Then, I cut some cabbage, beet, and kale up and threw it in. It sort of steamed on top of the quinoa as it cooked. I poured in some Bragg Liquid Aminos, a little s+p, and some garlic powder. I also added a can of garbanzo beans for protein and squeezed in the juice of a lime. Nothing special, I had zero patience left. The whole thing took 5 minutes or less. Then I let it all cook, I threw it in three 16 oz mason jars, and let it cool. Now, I have three delicious vegan lunches (that are purple!) totally easy to grab and go. Each lunch cost me 1-2 dollars altogether, and it makes me feel great eating it. 5 minutes well spent; it contributed to my goal of eating healthy and controlling my spending.

Reading with your kids, brushing and flossing well, stretching your body, making your own coffee at home, doing the dishes, meditating, calling your mother, cuddling with your sweet little girl, throwing the ball for your adorable chocolate lab, practicing French and a million other goals can fit into five minutes a day. It seems wild, but it’s true. Give it a shot. Five minutes, uninterrupted.



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