jessie’s favorites. cacao, floor exercises, and girl time.

My most favorite things of the week.

Take a hike. It can be hard to exercise when I go into it thinking that I am going to go and exercise. I find it easier to sneak exercise in here and there and call it “going for a nature walk” or “a hike”. With the right temperature and time of day, a hike can be so majestic. My favorite time is just before dawn so I can enjoy the sunrise. It’s a great way to get away from the hustle and bustle. If you go alone, it gives you time to reflect and think but not talk. If you take a friend, you can get in a quality visit. I always come back from a hike so rejuvenated and happy. Exercise is just the added bonus! Recently I realized that my happy place is the mountains. I love the beach and can appreciate the desert but really really love the mountains, especially if it’s real green. Where is your special happy place?

Girl time. There is nothing like a little girl time. In fact, I absolutely crave it. As a middle sister, and a mother of girls, I am use to lots of girl time. It’s wonderful. I am also lucky to have some fab gal pals. When I go too long without some quality girl time, I really begin to crave the silly conversations we have. I find myself moseying my way into my sister’s salon even though my roots aren’t that bad just to hang out and talk about, well, the things we talk about. Silly. Light. Goofy. I got to go to lunch this week with a few of my favorite ladies from work at my favorite little French spot, Opera Cafe and Patisserie. I realized how much I appreciate those times when we can just be together and chit chat. It reminded me that I love it and should do it more often! Definitely one of my favorite things this week. I encourage you to think of a person who makes you so happy that you miss. Reach out to visit or even talk. It’s important.

Cacao anything and everything. Ok so most of you know I have been an overnight oats making machine. It’s a tiny side business of mine. The oats have a ton of superfood ingredients that all work well together to create a delicious breakfast. They sustain you all morning until lunch. My favorite special ingredient aside from coconut is the cacao nibs. They add this rich chocolate taste without the abundant sweetness. They are also crunchy! They are rich in magnesium which most women are deficient in. Win win. I have put these nibs in pancakes, on granola, on yogurt, on almond butter toast and more. You could put these babies in just about anything. Here is where you can find them. If you like bitter, rich dark chocolate, you won’t be disappointed.

Floor exercises. Ok so this is super unspecific in a broad sort of way, but here goes. I am no fitness guru, but I’ve been trying to get exercise in whatever way I can, when I can. Sometimes I simply don’t have the time to make it out of the house to go to the gym but crave working my muscles with hopes that I’ll become super duper fit someday. Hey, we all have goals. The other day I was on the ground in some sort of downward dog situation and started slowly raising my legs to the sides and then lowered into a plank like thing. Then I turned over and did similar things but flip flopped. I worked my core, legs, and arms. I realized that I don’t need a Pinterest provided workout plan to break a sweat. It was fun, and different and I definitely couldn’t recreate it. However, I do have sore muscles in strange places. Don’t be afraid to do your own thing and know that your own body weight is an excellent tool to use to strengthen just about every part of your body. Move. Breath. See what you’re capable of.

Water. Water? Water. So I usually try to pack my own water to go in the morning. Otherwise I realize half way through the day that I have an awful lot of catching up to do in order to make my “drink half my weight in ounces goal”. I am all about reusing so I like to take a reusable bottle with me but it is nice to have bottled water on hand in case time runs out. That way I am sure to have water as soon as I am off and running. I try to pay attention to my alkaline intake to even out all of the acidic things I go for. I ran into this Carlsbad Alkaline Water at Costco in a perfect 1 liter bottle. This water is nature enhanced with minerals and electrolytes with nothing added. With a pH of 8.0-9.0, you are in for a healthy delicious bottle of water. I also feel like I am better at drinking enough water when I have a big old bottle of it. I know that I only need just over two of them to meet my daily goal.

Sometimes I have to remind myself to appreciate some of my oldie but goodie favorites. Of course, finding new ones is always fun too! Get out there and explore. Be inspired.










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