establishing good money habits

“Your health and happiness and that of your family is much more important than spending money you don’t have to boost your social status.” -Jessie Money is an interesting topic for many of us, whether we are well off or super duper broke. Even if we have a lot of it, money can be a … Read More

jessie’s weekly favorites

“Explore. Appreciate. Find Treasures. Taste. Experience. Fall in Love.” -Jessie This week has been a hectic, and I do mean hectic, one. Between juggling schedules, big projects at work, and easing or stumbling rather into the new school and sports season, it’s been a week (see post on eating healthy on crazy hectic nights here). It … Read More

eating for health

“You do not need to be wealthy to eat healthy.” -Jessie One of the current day phenomenons is how much our environment impacts our health. Thinking back to the Stone Age, there wasn’t industrialization, there wasn’t a plethora of processed food, exercise was the norm because there weren’t cars, and the air was pure of … Read More

fiasco dinner night gone right

You’re welcome. Do your thing. You got this. Have your cake and eat it too, everyday and in all that you do! – Jessie To you parents who allow your kids to be in more than one extra-curricular activity during the school year, you’re fabulous and amazing. Also, you’re out of your mind. I mean … Read More

what’s the best that can happen?

“What is the BEST that could happen?” -Jessie Worry is a burden that we all bear at one point or another. Sometimes it goes on for a minute or two, and sometimes much longer. We get distracted from the worry, and then the worry resurfaces. This annoyance can continue to hang around much like a … Read More

say yes every so often

Individual time spent with each of my daughters is pure bliss. I am blessed to have sweet, charismatic, caring girls. Expectedly, because they are two years apart, they have snippy comments towards one another, CONSTANTLY. With having sisters, you would think I understand. The thing is, my siblings and I are not as close in … Read More

enjoy the ride

You think you know everything you need to know, until you learn something new realizing that you don’t. We spend an awful lot of time worrying about the politics of life, which we should. What is correct and whom we might offend if we don’t carry ourselves with proper etiquette. Both of which are important … Read More

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