activated charcoal mint toothpaste


Our activated charcoal toothpaste is made from the purest ingredients we could find. Using activated charcoal is said to be a great way to whiten teeth and so far, we can attest! Made with the following ingredients: coconut oil, baking soda, activated charcoal, stevia, mint essential oil.


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1.5 0z. jar texture may vary due to temperature, as coconut oil solidifies when above 76 degrees. I prefer the texture to be solid so I keep it in a cool place.

For best results, use a few times a week. Brush for a couple minutes, over the sink so that you don’t drip and stain. Beware that this product is messy, so be prepared!

Lastly, use this product at your own risk. We are to dentists nor are we liable for what happens when you use it. However, we think you will love it and come back for more! Please post results of your teeth whitening endeavor!

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Weight 1.5 oz


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