a day in the life of you, good habits for the new year and beyond

a day in the life of you, good habits for the new year and beyond

While it’s fine that I adore her, it seems only right that I spend more time celebrating my successes than hers. Right? -Jessie With such a huge social media presence in today’s culture, it’s normal to read about and in some ways live vicariously through those we admire. Whether it is our favorite glowing celebrity … Read More

being THANKFUL for the good and bad

being THANKFUL for the good and bad

They say negative experiences make a bigger impact than the positive ones, or something like that. It supports that idea that it takes a company 10 times as long to recover from the bad publicity of a negative review than the potential good publicity cultivated from a positive review. This got me thinking. Perhaps we … Read More

know your worth; a talk of daddy issues

Modern day family dynamics have changed quite a bit over the decades. There has been a big shift in overall morals and also morale. 20, 30, 40, 50 years ago, the divorce rate was much much lower. Of course, some couples may have been unhappy but married out of normalcy. Regardless, they put on a … Read More

jessie’s weekly favorites

  When was the last time you did something just for you? That’s the one question I ask when people join the HAVE YOUR CAKE AND EAT IT TOO Facebook group. This is not for me; it’s for them. We should all ask ourselves this important question periodically to check in and make sure we … Read More

you’ve got this, mama

Having my first daughter at nineteen worked out well, but it was not exactly planned and didn’t leave me too much time to “figure things out” prior to becoming a mom. I was very mature for my age but let’s be real; I was still a baby myself. Whether you are 15 or 35, becoming … Read More

establishing good money habits

“Your health and happiness and that of your family is much more important than spending money you don’t have to boost your social status.” -Jessie Money is an interesting topic for many of us, whether we are well off or super duper broke. Even if we have a lot of it, money can be a … Read More

jessie’s weekly favorites

“Explore. Appreciate. Find Treasures. Taste. Experience. Fall in Love.” -Jessie This week has been a hectic, and I do mean hectic, one. Between juggling schedules, big projects at work, and easing or stumbling rather into the new school and sports season, it’s been a week (see post on eating healthy on crazy hectic nights here). It … Read More

fiasco dinner night gone right

You’re welcome. Do your thing. You got this. Have your cake and eat it too, everyday and in all that you do! – Jessie To you parents who allow your kids to be in more than one extra-curricular activity during the school year, you’re fabulous and amazing. Also, you’re out of your mind. I mean … Read More

what’s the best that can happen?

“What is the BEST that could happen?” -Jessie Worry is a burden that we all bear at one point or another. Sometimes it goes on for a minute or two, and sometimes much longer. We get distracted from the worry, and then the worry resurfaces. This annoyance can continue to hang around much like a … Read More

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